We know that High Upfront and ongoing Costs of Products, complex deployment, and non-transparent return on investments have prevented both Principals and OSPs in proactively investing in Transaction Monitoring Tool.

Our Study shows that while Companies invest anywhere between 4% to 6% of their costs on their Quality infrastructure, yet most companies find that their Quality function is not as effective as they would like it to be. Most Shared Service Centers end up paying Penalties

Hence, keeping practitioners requirement in mind we have developed a system that is making quality management simple, transparent, effective and efficient while reducing risks for the organisation. TransMon users typically report a 400%+ return on investment through the effectiveness and efficiency gains that it enables.

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TransMon – Quality Management Made Simple

Measurement effectiveness, Feedback & Coaching effectiveness, Optimized asset utilization along with Actionable & timely reporting


Do It Yourself

Be sure your agent interactions are being scored consistently, accurately and without bias by using TransMon DIY – Do it yourself workflow support. You can yourself customize forms targeting your unique business drivers. You can also select from a huge catalogue of standard and infinitely customizable reports for actionable coaching and quality improvement.



Ability to create data set from multiple data sources for comprehensive sampling of the transactions. Provision to do complete Random Sampling or Stratified Random Sampling. Flexibility to provide differential values for stratified criteria; e.g AHT Range b/w X & Y


Audit Allocation

Auto acquisition of voice logs from multiple sources. Flexibility to allocate the transactions to auditors based on Trickle/Drip mechanism where-in-the transactions are allocated to each auditor based on the sampling one after the other – completely unbiased and FIFO based

Some More Features


Voice Feedback

Provision to provide feedback on the transaction to the Agents in multiple ways. remarks for each parameters can be written or recorded. Provision for an agent to review the monitoring and accept the scores or dispute the scores


Auto Calibration

Provision for Auto Calibration by the system to avoid Calibration sessions and bias in calibration processes.



A comprehensive reporting engine enables users to filter, drill-down and roll-up across processes, user groups and transaction types by multiple criteria, extract reports and distribute among stakeholders.